Built upon carefully designed learning objectives and offered in an engaging, interactive way. The modules represent the learners’ journey from understanding the community →partnership building →budgeting/ fundraising →sustainable art career and can be either followed stand-alone or complemented with other forms of teaching. In the Art is Us programme, the modules are delivered through blended learning.

2.2. VIRTUAL LIBRARY / digital collection of resources
2.3. INNOVATION SPACE/ forum for discussions/thematic workshops
2.4. Learners/educators/mentors PERSONAL STORIES/TESTIMONIALS
2.5. An attractive EXHIBITION/ DISPLAY SPACE for all project public deliverables.

Recording the Open Innovation Activities that will be organized based upon the learners’ vision and ideas for changes in their communities.

The Guide aims is to inspire artists, educators, community leaders and policy makers in creating added value through inclusive creative processes. It can be used either as stand-alone or for accompanying relevant training courses while it will also feature examples and practical information.

To contribute to project exploitation

A series of at least six videos will be produced for learners to present their experiences of the Art is Us project, their vision for their community and their work, to contribute to project dissemination.

Learners will be encouraged to record short videos/ interviews during their stay about their experiences and the learning and creative benefits (or shortcomings) of their visits. These videos will be later graphically edited and used for the project’s dissemination purposes.

Community cafes, National/ regional events and the final large-scale Art is Us exhibition will be recorded or broadcasted live on social media to contribute to project dissemination. The consent of participants will be sought.

At least four newsletters will be sent to identified stakeholders to contribute to project dissemination.