External Group of Advisors

The External Group of Advisors is composed of experts in creative policy/ industry and community policy/ design/ regeneration. The EGA supports the project by giving advice on the main outcomes of the Art is Us project.

Meta Stular

Center Rog

Acting Director of Strategic Development and Programmes

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cultural development expert and strategic planner, working in the intersection of cultural and creative industries, cultural heritage, and new technologies. She is the Acting Director of Strategic Development and Programmes for Rog Centre Creative Hub in Ljubljana, focusing on sustainable development and applied arts. She is the founder and the manager of the award-winning RogLab Creative Hub. In 2018, it received the Eurocities Innovation Award for outstanding achievements in activities enhancing the quality of life of citizens. The RogLab development model now serves as a blueprint for the most significant cultural investment in Ljubljana – Rog Centre Creative Hub – currently under construction. She advises various governmental, non-governmental and intergovernmental organisations and private companies. She was the original team leader and advisor to the expert group for the successful nomination of the architectural works of Joze Plecnik to the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Reni Giannimara

Athens School of Fine Art

Laboratory Teaching Staff -Art Education

Athens, Greece

She completed her bachelor’s degree in Sculpture and her doctorate in Art Education at the same academic institution (ASFA). She also graduated from London’s Wimbledon School of Art in 2002 with a master’s degree in Sculpture and a Master’s thesis in New Media Art and information technology. She wrote a PhD on the educational potential of Gettygames Online Educational Game for Art Education, trying to frame a new research field. She has created and taught the course: “Art Education and Creative Technologies” at the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University. She has developed the curriculum in the course: Sculpture for the artistic Lyceums and the Ministry of Education. She is the author of the collective work “Critical and Institutional Pedagogy – For a free, open and cooperative school”. Dr Giannimara is currently teaching the course “Art Education” at Athens School of Fine Arts – heading a research project on technology, visual culture, and Community-Based Art Education. She has written papers on computer games, learning, community, activism, and art education and regularly gives speeches on the subject both nationally and internationally. In addition to teaching, Dr Giannimara makes many drawings, sculptures, and comics. She has presented her artwork in solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Froso Chamilaki

2nd High School of Drapetsona

Computer Science Teacher

Athens, Greece

  • Teacher of Secondary Education
  • She was born in Heraklion, Crete, in 1960 and lives in Piraeus.
  • She studied Computer Science at the University of New York (C.U.N.Y.), where she also did her master’s degree.
  • Initially, she worked at EL.KE.PA. (Hellenic Productivity Center)
  • and since 1995, she has been a Technology Teacher in Secondary Schools in Piraeus.

Her educational work is complemented by her participation in European programs that promote culture, history, solidarity, and the refugees’ rights.

Maria Coletti

Cultural Diffusion Office

National Film Archive

Rome, Italy

She works at Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia- Cineteca Nazionale (National Film Archive, Rome, Italy) since 2005 in Cultural Diffusion Office. She received the Filippo Sacchi Award for her graduation thesis on Heinrich Böll and New German Cinema (Rome University “La Sapienza”). She obtained a doctorate in film studies at Roma Tre University with research on the image of women in Sub-Saharan Cinemas. She got a postdoctoral fellowship with a project on Italian colonial cinema, both published. Beyond some essays and articles, she published the following monographs: Di diaspro e dicorallo – L’immagine della donna nel cinema dell’Africa nera francofona (2001), Souleymane Cissé – Congli occhi dell’eternità (2011) and Carmelo Bene – Il cinema, oppure no (2012). She co-directed the film festival Panafricana – Le Mille Afriche del cinema a Roma and the website Cinemafrica – Africa e diaspore nel cinema (cinemafrica.org). As a programmer at CSCCineteca Nazionale, she organized several retrospectives and events, especially on Women’s Cinema, African and Diaspora Cinemas, History and Cinema, Italian colonial cinema, Migration Cinema, Social Issues Films. She also organized educational events, with intercultural workshops and screenings of cinema at school. Currently, she is the president and legal representative of the Pisacane 0-99 odv Association, active in the fields of social inclusion, interculturalism and interaction between families, schools and the local area. She also works on gender differences and respect against racism and intolerance. The Association is also actively involved in urban regeneration and reuse of spaces. In 2019 she was awarded Officer in The Order of Merit of the Italian Republic “motu proprio” by the president of the Italian republic for her “passionate civil commitment and the engaging contribution in favour of a policy of peaceful coexistence”.

Serena Baldari

Communication and organizational management

Social Value Italia

Rome, Italy

She currently works in communication and organizational management at Social Value Italia. She has been an archivist and professor of contemporary history and her background is as an art historian and historian of the contemporary age. Also, she is an active member in various voluntary organizations dedicated to active citizenship. In particular, she has been an active member in the associations Città Delle mama and Genitori in città. At the moment, she is part of the Pisacane 0-99 odv association, involved in the fields of social inclusion, interculturalism and interaction between families, schools and the local area. She also works on gender differences and respect against racism and intolerance. The Association is also actively involved in urban regeneration and reuse of spaces. She is the mother of a daughter and a son. In 2014 I co-founded L’Alveare, a coworking integrated into an educational service (www.lalveare.it).


Augusto Gerardi Rouss

Artist and Researcher

Berlin, Germany

I am a Venezuelan artist and researcher based since 2020 in Germany and currently studying at the UDK, I have studied sound (2012) and media art in Venezuela (2018). My practice is an entanglement between social development projects, and researching the relationship between Art History and technology, with a special focus on preserving and promoting access to archives at risk using different media such as moving images, conferences, creation of virtual archives, and installations. In 2020 I obtained the status of political refugee in Germany, and with this process part of my actual work is based on the mediation and the constitution of this new identity of displacement.

My work has been exhibited in Caracas (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Sofia Imber, ONG, Cotrain, Celarg, Plaza Alfredo Sadel), Bogota (Salon de Jovenes Artistas with Trafico Visual), New York (Babycastle), Berlin (Lit Haus Berlin, Nomad art Gallery, UDK, Neukoll 48h, Floating University) and Dresden (Pressure Me, Cambio Art Days).

Alina Stefania


Timisoara, Romania

Alina is an artist with a great desire to re-invent and promote the Romanian traditional folklore. She is experienced in managing and organising art and cultural events. She is passionate about visual artists, fashion, design, music, and theatre. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and a Master’s degree focused in Publicity, Audio-Visual and Sales Promotion from West University of Timisoara. She uses simple clothing products, which she personalizes with unique details.

Geta Rata

Teacher, writer and coordinator of artistic and scientific creations/publications

Timisoara, Romania

Geta has a long experience in managing and organising art and cultural events as part of her impressive experience in USAMVBTimisoara and outside. She was a teacher, writer and coordinator of various artistic and scientific creations/publications. Geta has participated in countless cultural and artistic events so far