Personal stories

This task takes advantage of the strong digital story-telling experience of partners to stimulate learners to share their experiences and creative imaginings through the Art is Us platform. The stories are seen as a) an educational tool that builds engagement and multimedia literacy and b) an expressive medium for learners that integrates subject matter with extant knowledge and skills and can be made available to audiences at community/regional/national and international levels.

Izabela Modrzewskan

Date filmed: 9/27/2022
Length: 00:04:18
Produced by: Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.

Izabela Modrzewska is a musician from Poland who works as a music teacher and music therapist in Dresden. She enjoys writing her own songs and playing music. Through music, she aims to connect people even if they don’t speak the same language. She combines her experiences as a teacher and therapist to help people discover their voice or musical talent in her community music project. She believes that the real challenge for an artist is to be brave and dare.

Ana Pireva

Date filmed: 10/14/2022
Length: 00:04:27
Produced by: Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.

Ana Pireva is fascinated by materials that have their own character and power and aren’t easy to control. The main focus of her artistic work is painting on paper and stone printing. She paints with Indian ink, self-made iron gall ink, and watercolours. At the same time, she is experimenting intensively with lithography. Each picture is an intense and dynamic interaction with water, ink, and paper or stone. Chinese calligraphy and ink painting play an important role in her work process, as they are both highly valued traditions in the visual arts. She investigates the nature and the function of daily objects, old artifacts, and folklore.

Karolin Kutteri

Date filmed : 8/31/2022
Length: 00:06:27
Produced by: Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.

Karolin Kutteri lives and works both in Germany and the Netherlands. One example of her work is that she created a perceptual installation for her Diploma that is meant for the senses and whose topic is the awareness of nature. It’s called the “Earth room”. She painted 3 young climate activists in an iconic style an put soil and plants in a room, and she combined it with a dance performance. She describes challenges and a controversy, where she had to fight for her art. She says that projects outside the university are crucial for an art student and talks about her work with the art collective Hanse 3.

Augusto Gerardi

Date filmed: 7/13/2022
Length: 00:02:27
Produced by: Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.

Augusto Gerardi is an artist and researcher from Venezuela. His practice is based on researching the history of technology and its relation to the history of art. In this gap, he tries to develop contextual projects that will broaden the understanding of social issues. In many of his projects, art is the meeting place to open new dialogues and new possibilities. The realization of his projects has always been a hybrid between art, social work, and technology that requires the ability to actively listen and to be flexible because a successful project might change a lot until it is completed.

Aleksandra Vagabonda

Date filmed: 9/7/2022
Length: 00:05:30
Produced by: Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.

Aleksandra Vagabonda is a self-taught artist from Poland. She got actively involved in the arts at the age of 21 when she resigned from her studies and went on an unconventional self-exploration journey. Although she was interested at the beginning in drawings and oil paintings, over time she expanded her horizons to Batik, Woodcut, Woodcut print, Animation, Graffiti, and finally Tattoos. Every art piece focuses on social or emotional problems that should not be suppressed but should be brought to light and start the process of inner healing. Through her art and her projects such as the Metamorphosa festival, she strives to help people to explore themselves.