Tetyana Donets-Savko – Illustrations for Children’s Book

About the learner:

Tetyana Donets-Savko, born in 1972 in Ukraine, obtained a master’s degree in Fine Arts in 1996 from the State Pedagogical Institute in Kryviy Rih. She completed her art school education in 1991. Tetyana has exhibited extensively in Ukraine, including at the City Gallery in Kryviy Rih and private galleries, as well as in Italy and Slovenia (UKC Maribor and several private exhibitions). Her paintings are held in private collections in England (Oxford), France, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Montenegro.


About the project:

“Mihec bo posadil smrekico”: A Children’s Book Collaboration by Slovene Author Milena Šimunič and Ukrainian Illustrator Tetyana Donets-Savko.


The story, written by Slovene author Milena Šimunič and illustrated by Ukrainian painter Tetyana Donets-Savko, is currently being prepared for publication. The aim is to create a book for kids, which will be distributed as a Christmas present to both Slovene children and Ukrainian refugees in Slovenia.


The story:

Mihec, a forest gnome, decided to plant a spruce tree in the springtime. Instead of planting just one, he planted a whole meadow of trees, and every day he watched them grow. As winter approached, Mihec made a wish to the moon that at least one tree would be tall enough to be a Christmas tree. The moon granted his wish by shining on the meadow every night, encouraging the trees to grow. By Christmas time, the meadow was full of beautiful, snowy spruce trees, and Mihec and his friend, Neva, a young forest fairy, were thrilled. They decided to plant new saplings every year to ensure that every home had a spruce tree for Christmas. Every spring, they would plant a whole meadow of saplings, and the moon would watch over them as they grew. Every year, all the trees except for one were taken away for Christmas decorations, but the last one was left for the animals to enjoy.

Tetyana is an Art is Us participant supported by APIS Institute, Slovenia.