About the learner:


The author has an international protection status and decided to stay anonymous. He has a wide range of skills, from engineering to artistic, and his personal artistic project reflects his multitalented, but complex personality that struggles to belong to a new country.

About the project:

Terminus 360° 8K – Multilingual 360° Art Project



Navigo in Argo Navis;


Plujem po poti bele luči!

I sail the path of white light!


Terminus is an 8K 360° video with a soundtrack in multi-channels created by an Art is Us learner. The video is a result of a reflective-creative process of an attempt to defy the identity crisis which most of those who lived in several different countries go through. The creator/artist calls them as “Travellers”, himself being an ultimate Traveller, too, and a retired multicultural nomad. “I named it Terminus and I produced it in a special way so that it can be extended to other multidisciplinary interactive formats for the future to bring up the dilemma hidden behind the question “where are you from?” which sounds very “innocent” in context but usually used widely for discrimination as a weapon against some settling Travellers in social environments in order to profile them (especially if you do not speak their local language) and/or asked on the first few seconds without even proper greeting and personal introduction for the alienation of the “others” and expel them from social groups or events. I had way too many negative experiences and decided to make a video about my “Final Stop” AKA Terminus, which can be later adapted for the works of other Artists in 360 VR as a format. I now send the link to the people who ask me the notorious question in the first two seconds and have a blast with it as most people do not have time to analyse the very detailed elements in the artwork.” … “So this is not about me but the Journey that we all go through and what kinda memories that we can take with us as a technomad and where we are headed to. In this case, I took my ultra-light digital art with me and a Synthesizer and travelled to the chartered concreted jungles of Slovenia 😀 I believe that the world would become a much better place without any preliminary-premeditated-prejudice based on people’s colour/origin/ethnicity/religion/nationality/status/beliefs/vibes which is the essence of their presence in reality.”


Boras is an Art is Us participant supported by APIS Institute, Slovenia.