Tanya Radchenko – Vytynanka

Tanya Radchenko

Tanya is a volunteer at the OPORA volunteers’ center that supports the people that arrived from Ukraine to Athens. She came in Greece, Athens in the early days of March, right after the start of the war in her homeland. She is active member of the Ukrainian communities since the very beginning of this crisis management, the reception of the newcomers to the city of Athens.


Tanya organized a workshop of paper cutting (Vytynanka) aiming to bring parents with their children in an activity that is both fun and educative. The activity’s participants were all community members, new arrivals from Ukraine to Athens. The concept of the activity was also to share the background story of the tradition of “Vytynanka”.

The project aimed to provide entertainment and learning activities both for the children and their parents. It was implemented right after the ending of the school year as a leisure activity. It was an in – person activity, much needed in a period where children found themselves in a new city, without understanding the new environment and the social framework. It was also an opportunity to connect community members in a safe place, spending some time in distracting themselves from the suffering back in their homeland.