Slovenia to Germany

Discover the talent and creativity of Abdelhakim Asnabla through our Art Residency Programme. Abdelhakim Asnabla was a selected candidate and Art is Us learner from Slovenia who was hosted in Dresden by Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. and was supported by the JKPeV team.


Abdelhakim, with Moroccan roots, embarked on a transformative journey when he relocated to Slovenia in 2012 as a political refugee. His experiences and dedication led him to actively engage with the immigrant community in Slovenia, working closely with various organizations such as the Institute of African Studies, APIS Institute, International Organization of Migration, and as a cultural mediator.


In recent years, Abdelhakim focused on the power of photography as a medium to showcase the immigrant community and their remarkable achievements.


On the 26th of February 2023, Abdelhakim started his art residency journey to document Rahma’s compelling story. Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. brought Abdelhakim into contact with Rahma, a young refugee who currently lives in Dresden. Rahma fled from Tunisia in 2007 due to political insecurity and the dangerous environment that jeopardized artists’ lives under religious extremists’ rule. She arrived in Germany seeking asylum. Despite the inspiring atmosphere brought about by the revolution in Tunisia, the country still faces challenges in recognizing and supporting its talented artists.


You can watch a short video capturing the essence of Abdelhakim`s art residency stay in Dresden:

Abdelhakim’s photo story of Rahma unfolds amidst her ongoing quest for official refugee status, which has been delayed for several years. Undeterred, Rahma persists in her artistic pursuits, building a social circle of friends and artists and even marrying, as she strives to remain in the country and fulfill her dream of living as an artist in Germany and contributing to the local community of Dresden through participatory performing arts.


Abdelhakim’s residency in Dresden captures the resilience, determination, and artistic journey of Rahma, as he magnificently portrays her story through the lens of his camera. Stay tuned for the captivating narrative that unfolds during this extraordinary artistic collaboration.

Below are a few photos from Hakim`s photostory of Rahma:

You can learn more about Abdelhakim Asnabla`s artwork and community engagement on the link below: