Art Is Us Project Makes Waves in Rome with Inspiring Community Activities and Exhibition

From May 29 to 31, 2023, the Italian partner Melting Pro hosted a successful exhibition showcasing the results of the “Art Is Us – Art for Local Innovation” project. The exhibition was set up at Saperi&Co – La Sapienza University of Rome and was part of the program for the International Visual Methods Conference 2023.

The exhibition displayed work from Italian participants in the “Art Is Us” project, photographs taken during the project’s activities in Greece. These diverse creations align perfectly with the theme of the 2023 International Visual Methods Conference: “Transition: Preparing for the Next Generation”.

The conference has a reputation for being an excellent place for researchers, artists, and activists to exchange ideas. The 2023 event focused on global challenges like creating a green and sustainable future, embracing digital innovation, promoting health and wellbeing, fostering research and education, and championing diversity and social connections.

The International Visual Methods Conference, celebrated for fostering interdisciplinary dialogue among diverse groups including researchers, artists, visual scholars, activists, and practitioners, has been a leading platform since its inaugural event in 2009. The conference’s focus for 2023 revolved around critical global challenges such as promoting a green and sustainable future, an inclusive digital future, a caring future centered on health and wellbeing, a smart future emphasizing research and education, and an equitable future encompassing diversity and social relationships.

The “Art Is Us” project used the exhibition as an opportunity to show how an online learning program, ABC – Art for Building Community, has made a positive impact. The program participants have implemented sixty community-based social innovation projects across four countries. Each project was documented in a video blog to share their experiences and outcomes. In Italy, these activities took place in the Lazio and Abruzzo regions and involved local creatives, citizens, and organizations.