Simone Pacini and Carolina Truzzi – Building Landascapes- Teen: On line Workshop

About the learners:

Simone Pacini and Carolina Truzzi are showcasing their collective project, Building the Landscape.

Carolina Truzzi is a performing arts researcher and practitioner who possesses a profound interest in biopolitics. She adopts a multifaceted approach to high-quality content creation and audience development strategies. Additionally, she is the co-founder of Moho Factory, a research lab focused on performing arts, writing, and archiving.

Simone Pacini is a freelance consultant specializing in communication, training, and the management of cultural projects. In 2008, he conceived the brand “fattiditeatro,” which has become a leading entity in innovative communication within the performing arts realm. Since 2015, he has been involved in projects and workshops centered on “social media storytelling” for performing arts. These endeavors have been carried out in collaboration with universities and cultural enterprises.


About the project:

The project is the collaboration of two separate projects and was developed with the involvement of another participant, Simone Pacini. Carolina Truzzi is responsible for the performance and creative writing aspect, while Simone Pacini oversees the digital storytelling component. The combination of their efforts forms the comprehensive project titled “Building the Landscape – Teens,” which is a site-specific, performing writing, and digital storytelling project specifically designed for teenagers. The primary objective is to empower teenagers with creativity and digital storytelling skills through a series of workshops focused on performing writing and digital storytelling. By connecting the teens to their memories and the physical spaces around them, the project aims to create new landscapes that transcend the limitations of physical walls. This is achieved through collective writing, allowing the participants to give voice to this new and exciting space. The community’s shared words form a microarchive, leading to the creation of the final Landscape. Participants will also receive specialized training in social media storytelling, enabling them to create and share their personal stories of this collaborative Landscape.


The project was supported by MeltingPro.