Rouin Muhammadi – The story of the Greek Forum of Refugees

Rouin Muhammadi

Rouin Muhammadi, a 22-year-old undergraduate student in the digital systems department at the University of Peloponnese, was born in Afghanistan and moved to Greece with his family at the age of five. As a Greek citizen, he has taken an interest in working with refugee and migrant communities and is a member of the European youth group “Voicify”.

The story of the Greek Forum of Refugees: An interview with Yonous Muhammadi

In a video interview, Rouin Muhammadi interviews his father, Yonous Muhammadi, the founder and Director of the Greek Forum of Refugees, an association of refugee and migrant communities. The forum supports the integration and inclusion process of asylum seekers, refugees, migrants of first and second generation, and stateless people.