Nino Bektashashvili – Lasha the Artist & Georgian Diaspora

About the learner:

Nino Bektashashvili is a Georgian photographer who resides in Ljubljana. Although she was educated as a linguist, her true passion has always been capturing moments and emotions through the art of photography. It was only recently that she decided to turn her passion into a profession.

Specialising in portraiture, Nino has a deep appreciation for the beauty and raw emotions that each person holds within themselves. Through her lens, she aims to tell unique stories and showcase humans as their true selves, capturing moments of authenticity and raw emotion that will be cherished for years to come.


 About the project:



The “Artist” series was created as a part of the “Art is Us” project, shining a spotlight on the exceptional Georgian painter, Lasha Orjonikidze, currently residing in Ljubljana with his family. This series of black and white photographs provides a glimpse into Lasha’s life as an artist.


Lasha is a humble and endearing soul who is not at ease in front of the camera. However, as a photographer I managed to capture a glimpse of his art, showcasing just a small fraction of his immense talent. His work is very detailed, very specific. What’s the most captivating is that he frequently uses the faces of his mother and wife as an inspiration for his portraits.

Lasha is a hidden gem in the foreign land that deserves to be discovered and celebrated.  Currently Lasha works as an illustrator for children’s books in Georgia.

The photo series Nino did was the start of a long-term project that aims to delve deeper into Lasha’s story and those of other Georgian community members in Slovenia. In June 2023 she organised an exhibition that was organised through principles of community co-design, including many members of Georgian diaspora living in Slovenia. Here are few photos from the June event organised as a follow up of the initial photo story of Georgian artist Lasha Orjonikidze:

Nino is an Art is Us participant supported by APIS Institute, Slovenia.