Nastya Dukhovna – A day at the beach

Nastya Dukhovna

Nastya, our Art is Us project learner, is an 18 years – old student in Athens. She came from Ukraine with her mother right after the start of the war. She has been working with OPORA – a volunteers’ center that support the people that arrive from Ukraine to Athens – since the early days of her arrival.

A day at the beach

Tanya organized a workshop of paper cutting (Vytynanka) aiming to bring parents with their children in an activity that is both fun and educative. The activity’s participants were all community members, new arrivals from Ukraine to Athens. The concept of the activity was also to share the background story of the tradition of “Vytynanka”.

After months of non – stop working with the community, Nastya decided to do something for the volunteers. It was at the midst of the summer when she started to talk with each community member separately. She came to the conclusion that everyone wanted the same thing; the simplest one. To spend a day at the beach…

Nastya decided to organize it. After all, sometimes the simplest thing can be the most refreshing…