Marina Gkavardina – Love Without Borders

Marina Gkavardina
Marina Gkavardina is an art educator from Greece. She teaches in the Greek public school, where she works with students of various backgrounds, including refugees and immigrants. Her students come from Greece, Syria, Turkey, and Iran.
Love Without Borders
This is an art project that provided a platform for refugee children to express themselves creatively. The project was facilitated by an art teacher who guided the process and encouraged the children to share their experiences. The drawings produced by the children serve as a means to raise awareness about immigration and refugees globally. The artworks primarily feature children who have experienced violent persecution as well as those who have welcomed immigrants and refugees into their communities. The children’s artistic expressions provide a valuable insight into the critical issue of refugees. The drawings titled “Love Without Borders” aims to give voice to the children’s perceptions and experiences of the world today. The teacher hopes to create empathy and understanding for the plight of refugees through the exhibition of the children’s artworks.