Marharyta Kalyuzhna – Where is Home

Marharyta Kalyuzhna – In Anticipation (of Victory and the End of the War)


Marharyta Kalyuzhna has been living in Slovenia for 18 years. She comes from the city of Kryvyi Rih. In Ukraine, she attended an art club and completed vocational school for the profession of “Tailor-Modeler”. She studied at the Kyiv National Economic University and obtained the profession of “Manager”. Painting is her hobby. In Marharyta’s artwork titled “In Anticipation (of Victory and the End of the War),” she portrays the dichotomy faced by individuals seeking refuge in a new country. On one hand, they anxiously await the war’s conclusion and the chance to return home, while on the other hand, they find themselves ingrained in a new country solely because they cannot be in their homeland. This situation presents an impossible predicament – being trapped between two opposing desires or realities, unable to fully reconcile their longing for their home country and their current presence in a foreign land.

10 Marharyta Kalyuzhna 6MJ2473

In Anticipation (of Victory and the End of the War) – Acrylic on canvas –  40×30 cm

“We are all in anticipation, anticipating the victory of democracy over totalitarianism and dictatorship, anticipating the end of the war. So that people can return home to their homeland and start organizing their lives, but some will have the opportunity to find and bury their loved ones.”


Marharyta is Ukrainian artis based in Slovenia who created artworks within the frame of a group exhibition of Ukrainian artists living in Slovenia organised by APIS Institute.