Jasna Gabrovšek – Heroines! Workshop

About the learner:

Jasna pursued a degree in comparative literature and subsequently embarked on a professional journey in Egypt, where fate introduced her to her future husband. Today, she embraces motherhood, raising two children of diverse heritage. However, her children have encountered various obstacles stemming from their African background, and Jasna remains committed to guiding them through these challenges with unwavering support.


More about Jasna and her workshop:

About the project:

Jasna took the initiative to organize a workshop specifically designed to empower young girls from mixed backgrounds or with dark skin. The workshop centered around the power of storytelling as a transformative tool. Jasna recognized that these girls often lacked relatable characters in the stories they encountered, as traditional heroes and heroines were typically depicted as white. To bridge this gap, Jasna curated a collection of stories featuring women who had faced similar challenges, including discrimination and feelings of being different. These stories showcased the journey of these resilient women who triumphed over adversity. By presenting these inspiring narratives, the workshop aimed to provide the girls with relatable role models, empowering them with the knowledge that they too have the strength and capability to overcome obstacles and embrace their own unique identities.

Jasna Gabrovšek

The workshop was conducted by a team consisting of Jasna Gabrovšek and Helena Tahir. Jasna Gabrovšek led the first part, which was focused on literary workshops, while Helena Tahir led the second, creative part, where children expressed themselves through collaborative drawing. The literary workshops were aimed at girls with mixed backgrounds and darker skin aged between 9-12 and also for adopted girls from Liberia. The workshops were implemented in collaboration with Afroskop, an organisation that connects parents of adopted children from Liberia living in Slovenia.


Jasna is an Art is Us participant supported by APIS Institute, Slovenia. The workshop is inspired by international literary project Heroines!