Italy to Slovenia

Marta Malsegna is an Italian artist and designer, she is 27 years old and lives and works in Rome.  With a background in Interior Design and Design, Creativity & Social Practices, she works on sustainable innovation: designing specific solutions, space and its interiors, networking and activating best practices. She works closely with people and communities to build together, share skills, experiences and know-how through art, self-production and creative reuse. Her desire is to live in a more cohesive, inclusive and sustainable society.


Marta participated in the Art is Us project by following The ABC – Art for Building Community microlearning courses and realizing an open social innovation action entitled URBAN PARADISE i.e. a project on the realization of sustainable innovation and social change achieved through participatory art practices,talks and craft labs. She organized an event held in December 2022 at Casale Garibaldi, a cultural and social center in Rome.


Marta was selected to participate in the Art Residency that was organized in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


The video “Urban Paradise in Metelkova” is an account of the art residency that Marta Malsegna held in the Metelkova neighborhood in central Ljubljana, a cultural center run by an independent association of artists and intellectuals that saved the space from demolition.

Marta brought her Third Paradise project here to recreate a connection between Metelkova’s many communities and nature and to recreate a shared green space. The approach taken was that of the design process: research and site survey, investigation of needs and opportunities, and co-design workshops. One of the green areas of the cultural center was regenerated, involving the community in green care activities.

A visual action as well, such as the Pop-Up Exhibition, which aimed to restore some of the social and natural relationships that are an element of connection and care in Metelkova.

Other creatives were also involved on this occasion, including Eric, a circus artist, and Hakim, an artist who documented the activities with photographs and videos, and supported Marte in her project.


You can see the video of on the link below: