Iordanis Protogerakis – Fluidity

Iordanis Protogerakis

Iordanis Protogerakis, a 29-year-old cook, is a highly creative individual who has been expressing his ideas and thoughts on paper since he was a child. He is passionate about supporting vulnerable communities and has previously volunteered for the Association of HIV positive people, “Positive Voice,” in Greece. Through his involvement, he gained experience in working with people from diverse backgrounds, including those who use drugs, the LGBTQI+ community, and other stigmatized and marginalized individuals. Additionally, he has participated in various training sessions on how to approach and support these populations.


The project “Fluidity” was inspired by the societal oppression that aims to make everyone conform to the same norms, when in reality each person has their own unique journey of self-discovery and expression. The artist’s visual artwork features figures with fluid gender identities that challenge traditional gender stereotypes and showcase the diverse ways in which the human psyche expresses gender. The artist hopes to raise awareness about the limitations of gender categories and the individuals who do not fit into them.