After the February attack on Ukraine, many women sought refuge in Slovenia to escape violence. The lives of both those who suddenly became refugees and those who had left the country earlier have undergone significant changes.


Academic artists, young promising artists, and amateur painters from Ukraine living in Slovenia created artworks on the theme of life after the transformative events of February 2022. In the thematic exhibition titled “New Life,” the artists speak about hope, their experiences of life in Slovenia, and express what kind of life they can imagine in the embrace of uncertainty, revealing how this unforgiving time is changing them.


Visit the virtual exhibition:

Authors: Oryna Fedotova, Iuliia Doroshenko, Liudmyla Chemodanova, Viktoriia Kytaieva, Nastasia Agalarova, Geulla, Mariia Khrystoieva, Yeva Chemodanova, Marharyta Kalyuzhna, Svitlana Shevchenko.

The exhibition “New Life” was organized by APIS Institute in collaboration with ADRA Slovenia. The translation from Ukrainian to Slovenian was provided by the Red Cross.


This project was supported by APIS Institute, Slovenia.