Greece to Italy

Sofia Petsa Poutouri has been working with ceramics and visual arts for the past few years. Previously, she studied Medicine and served as a surgeon for six years at one of the largest hospitals in Athens, during a particularly tumultuous period marked not only by the pandemic but also by the deliberate and continuous degradation of the public health system.


Sofia is deeply concerned about the refugee crisis, as she witnessed firsthand the lack of healthcare and essential support provided to refugees, as well as the active obstruction of such provisions. She recognizes that the pushback against refugees is a state-sanctioned action skillfully concealed from public view. Transitioning from her role as a surgeon to that of an artist, Sofia continues to be dedicated to addressing this humanitarian issue.


Sofia was chosen to participate in the Art Residency organized in Rome as part of the Art is Us project. During the residency, she had the opportunity to present her artwork focusing on the human tragedy endured by refugees at sea. Her artwork aimed to raise awareness among a broader audience, initiating a discourse on the inequality and injustice faced by refugees today.

Italy, like many other countries, experiences a significant influx of asylum seekers and refugees. Collaborating with Art is Us provides Sofia with a wonderful platform to exhibit her art in Rome while aiming to sensitize the audience to these pressing issues.


Sofia’s goal is to depict the challenges faced by individuals fighting for their lives in the treacherous sea, reminding viewers that the sea encompasses more than its deep blue color and the warm sun reflecting on its waves.

The following video was produced from the resident herself during her presence in Rome:

You can learn more about Sofia Petsa Poutouri’s artwork on the link below: