Gianni Bona – Il Cenacolo di Michetti

Gianni Bona created a tourist-cultural trail inspired by the artist Francesco Paolo Michetti, presented in a “postcard video.”

About the learner:

Gianni Bona has 30 years of experience as a project manager in the industrial plant sector. He is currently serving as the president of the district committee in his locality. He is actively involved in developing a project to enhance a local artistic experience and has been preparing two cultural tourism projects focused on the lives and works of two painters from the mid-19th century.


About the project:

The project involved an urban exploration aimed at launching a cultural tourism initiative to be implemented in the Abruzzo region, drawing inspiration from the experience of “Il Cenacolo di Michetti.” It was a leisurely walk designed to introduce a cultural tourism project that goes beyond traditional seaside tourism and is more closely tied to cultural experiences. The project’s vision is to develop and unfold over an extended period, emphasizing the region’s cultural richness.

The project was supported by MeltingPro.