Germany to Greece

Aleksandra Vagabonda was selected by Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V. from Dresden, Germany to participate in the “Art is Us” Residency in Athens, Greece hosted by Art and Action Network.


Aleksandra Vagabonda is a self-taught artist from Poland, who lives in Dresden and who has been working with various artistic mediums for the past 10 years. She values the social aspect of art and its immense potential to facilitate self-discovery. Through her experiences working as a project manager in Indonesia, Poland, and Germany, she realized that art can serve as a universal language for self-expression and communication. When people come together in a group to create and share their skills, they establish deeper connections on a profound level. Around three years ago, Aleksandra began engaging in community projects, with her most significant experience being in Indonesia.


Despite language barriers, she was able to create music, films, paintings, and other art forms that resonated with people, emphasizing the power of sharing and emotion over verbal communication. Currently, her primary project involves creating music in multiple languages. Through her music, she taps into people’s unconsciousness and transmits positive energy, aiding in their personal development and reconnecting them with their suppressed emotions and desires resulting from societal influences.


Starting in January 2023, Aleksandra joined the Art Residency in Athens,  where she organised a similar event to the one she had previously conducted in Germany. The event involved professional artists painting on the bodies of models while inviting participants to simultaneously paint on a canvas. Aleksandra found this artistic approach to be incredibly powerful, as it sparked strong interest and courage among individuals, inspiring them to participate and engage in this collaborative creative process.


Through the support of the Art and Action Network, Aleksandra also established connections with artists living in Athens. She documented her residency experience in a video that showcases her work and can be viewed at the following link:

To gain further insights into Aleksandra’s work, you can watch a video that portrays her artistic journey: