Francesco D’Alessandro – Citizens’ wishes and Cineforum Kids

About the learner:

Francesco D’Alessandro is a professional educator and pedagogue. He has designed and constructed an accessible kitchen that accommodates his wheelchair.In this kitchen, he creates video recipes that are subsequently published on the web through his culinary blog called “Fatto e Mangiato.” This blog enables friends, disadvantaged children, blind individuals, and others to engage in cooking. Additionally, Francesco is the founder of the “Asini Volanti” association, which strives to dismantle architectural and social barriers.


About the project :

Francesco D’Alessandro creates a mini mural of citizens’ wishes. With the assistance of Fabrizio, they constructed a small box for collecting people’s wishes. They approached citizens they encountered and invited them to anonymously write down their desires for the city in 2023 on small pieces of paper. Subsequently, they created a bulletin board to display the collected wishes, which they placed in a centrally located bar. The board allowed for the continuous addition of wishes from future passers-by at the bar.

Additionally, a film forum was organized for the children in an outlying district of the city. This event took place at a children’s community center operated by an association with which a partnership agreement was established, marking the beginning of a network-building process.

The project was supported by MeltingPro.