Flavio Mandolini and Paolo Di Nicola – Creative Writing Workshop/ Rodari Model

About the learners :

Flavio is a graduate professional educator who actively engages in social and environmental volunteering. Paolo is currently studying at the faculty of classical language and literature. Together, they collaborate on various activities aimed at developing a social and community library in Pescara.


About the project :

They organized a creative writing workshop based on the Rodari model. During the workshop, they collaborated with the participants to compose a collective aphilastrophe, which would be donated to the Museum of Love Letters, where the inaugural event took place. The decision was made to create a nursery rhyme to provide a means for everyone to express themselves through art. This choice was motivated by the understanding that art enables a more nuanced and profound expression, as it allows for playful manipulation of language to make poetry more accessible as a concept.


The project was supported by MeltingPro.