Community Café Italy

On 29 April in Rome, Abc- Art for Building Community, the free online training course promoted by the European project Art is Us – Art for local innovators, was presented during a performance event realised by Melting Pro in cooperation with the Roman collective Numero Cromatico. Art and cultural participation were discussed, and through an active confrontation the prtecipants were asked to illustrate their point of view on their daily urban and cultural context. In the second part of the event, Numero Cromatico shared its experiences and projects with the communities, subsequently involving a group of citizens in Urban Route in Visual Deprivation, an unusual exploration of the Tor Pignattara neighbourhood in Rome. Guided by the artists, the  participants explored the neighbourhood blindfolded. The performance art in brief was an Urban route in visual deprivation to explore the urban environment without the use of sight. In this condition the perception of reality changes and other senses emerge: sounds, tactile sensations and smells manifest themselves with a different intensity. Their sensations and perceptions were collected and processed in the form of video and audio products