Community Café Athens

Community Café, Athens, Greece
April 29th 2022
We need books, Kypseli


The AAN organized on April 29th, 2022, a Community Café, a multiplier event to present the Art Is Us project. The Community Café was held at the multilingual library “We Need Books” in the center of Athens. The goal of this event was to present the MOOC e-learning platform, the structure of the project, the residency opportunities as well as the production of art project ideas.

The Community Café attended artists, social workers, educators and also refugees from Iraq and Ukraine.

The event started by the meet up with the attendees. We introduced them to the AAN people, and we gave some time to the participants to talk about themselves and what they were expecting from the Community Café and the project as well.

We presented the “ABC – Art for Building Community microlearning courses”, while at the same time we explained the structure and the timeline of the Art Is Us project, the mentoring, the workshop and the blending learning activities we will be providing and all the details of the Art Residency. Also, everyone was invited to sign up to the online platform of the Art Is Us and to join the international creative learning community.

The last part of the Community Café was the brainstorming part, where the participants were asked about the needs of their communities, the art projects missing from their city and what projects they would suggest in order to help with the empowerment of their local communities. The first project ideas started to make appearance, we also mentioned to the participants that 15 projects will be presented at the exhibition in Athens and a selection of them will be presented in the final exhibition in 2023 in Ljubljana.