Chiara Ballone – Poetica-mente: l’arte come rinascita. Percorsi esperienziali tra arte e psicologia./ Poetics-mind: art as rebirth. Experiential paths between art and psychology.

About the learner:

Chiara Ballone is a Psychologist and at the same time poet, writer, performer, dancer, event organiser. She also combines, both in her work and in her personal artistic research, the expressive aspect of art with the therapeutic aspect through art-therapy in various forms: from photo-therapy, to music-therapy, psycho-poetry, and emotional writing, paths that she has devised and developed in various Associations and for various organisations over the years.

About the project:

Chiara Ballone organized a talk and workshop on body perception, along with a photographic exhibition and phototherapy workshop. Additionally, another art therapy workshop was conducted, all as part of a psychology festival in Pescara, coinciding with the day against violence against women. The aim was to introduce people, regardless of their artistic abilities, to the intersection of art and psychology. This would provide an opportunity for artistic expression and promote a deeper understanding of the dual role of art.


The project was supported by MeltingPro.