Art is Us Multiplier Event in Dresden

In February 2023 the Art is Us project was presented in two successful multiplier events in Dresden, Germany. Hosted by the JKPeV, the event attracted more than 50 attendees, including a diverse local community comprising young artists, activists, and a city councilor. The project’s objectives, outputs, and activities were showcased, along with the personal stories of selected artists, including Aleksandra Vagabonda from Poland and Ana Pireva from Bulgaria, who have migrant backgrounds.

Two art residencies were presented, with a focus on the artists’ projects involving the local community of each host city. An open discussion followed, inviting the attendees to join and share their views and experiences on community-based arts and participatory arts, inspiring new collaborations and ideas.

You can watch the video of the art resident from Germany who travelled to Athens for the art residency exchange programme on this link and a video of the art resident from Slovenia that traveled to Dresden on this link.

JKPeV would like to thank all the attendees and supporters for their participation in the event.

Don’t miss watching the short video documenting the event produced by Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.!