Anna Miklashevich – Uartist

About the learner:

A Ukrainian artist who has been living and working in Slovenia for several years, Anna Miklashevich obtained her master’s degree in public relations in the field of culture and art from Kiev. She is a member of the International Association of Visual Artists from New York and has participated in various international exhibitions. Miklashevich also works as an art educator.


About the project:

Being Ukrainian herself, she was deeply emotionally involved in the conflict (war in Ukraine) taking place in her home country, even if living abroad. Since she is an artist,  she decided to do everything in her capacity to support artists/creatives in and from Ukraine, those who decided not to leave Ukraine, as well as those who were forced to flee and are now refugees in many European countries. This is the reason why she started the online community. She decided to share her hands on knowledge about career and art business, especially within the new situation related to war and offer support to her community members by sharing her knowledge about European/international art market and about adapting to the new art market in a new country. By starting an online community, she extends her efforts towards offering emotional support to artists due to stress related to war.


Since the launch of UArtist in June 2022, the community has grown rapidly. In June 2023 it has more that 3000 followers on Instagram and more than 1230 subscribers.




You can see the very first video Anna created for the online community on this link :

You can hear Anna Miklashevich explain more about her work and her project in this link:

Anna is an Art is Us participant supported by APIS Institute, Slovenia.