Anna Miklashevich – Dream Vision

About the learner:

Anna Miklashevich is a passionate artist hailing from Ukraine, now settled in Slovenia. She holds a master’s degree in Public Relations for culture and art, obtained in Kyiv. As a recognized member of the International Association of Fine Artists from New York, she actively participates in global exhibitions.


The colours and textures in her paintings reveal themes that she finds most compelling: inequality, individual power, and the role of women. With the outbreak of war, she began to study the theme of self-identification.

AnnaMiklashevich 1

With the onset of the war, Anna has delved deeper into the exploration of self-identity in her artwork. In Art is Us project she created “The Dream Visions” Series.

Anna Miklashevich 2

About the project:

From February 24, 2022, Anna started experiencing vivid, surrealistic dreams. These dreams were a tapestry of varied emotions— fear and despair, courage and dignity, an intertwined sense of immense strength and vulnerability, and the paradoxical coexistence of humanity’s triumph and defeat. These visions are not a product of fatigue, as they persist even after periods of rest. She translates these potent experiences into her art using colored lines, patches, and streaks that flicker like an antiquated TV screen. The impact of that pivotal day has fundamentally changed Anna, and her evolving artwork reflects this transformation.

Anna Miklashevich 3

Anna is an Art is Us participant supported by APIS Institute, Slovenia.