Marta Malsegna – Paradiso Urbano

About the learner:

Marta Malsegna carried out two events for her Paradiso Urbano project in Italy and Slovenia.

Marta has a bachelor’s degree in interior design and a master’s degree focused on sustainable innovation in design, project impact assessment, and art as a communication language. Currently residing in Rome, her goal is to promote community-based art that fosters immersive interaction and brings people closer to nature for the sake of regaining lost harmony.

About the project:

PARADISO URBANO aims to promote sustainable lifestyles in harmony with nature, highlighting the importance of reconnecting with it for both personal and environmental wellbeing. The initiative encourages individuals to adopt new behaviors to contribute to sustainable innovation, achieve a new sustainable humanity by finding balance between nature and artificiality.

PARADISO URBANO project in Italy was supported by MeltingPro. The implementation of the project in Ljubljana was supported by MeltingPro, APIS Institute, KUD Mreža and Abdelhakim Asnabla.