“Art is Us”-Kurs

The ABC – Art for Building Community microlearning courses focus on using the transformative force of creativity for community regeneration to respond to the contemporary societal challenges, such as the severe impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on artists, the cultural sector, on social inclusion and cohesion.

The learning content is designed primarily for nonprofessional artists, community leaders and art educators to become successful innovators in their communities.

The aim of the 4 courses is to equip learners to develop ideas, projects and businesses aimed towards encouraging social inclusion by fostering innovative, arts-based participatory and intercultural dialogue approaches.

Microlearning Course 1: Understanding the community and Co-design

In Microlearning Course 1,“Understanding the community and Co-design”, you will learn all about what a community is, you will explore different examples of communities and how you can empower community people. We will also get through the definition and levels of co-design, the engagement with the community, the tools, the challenges and benefits of co-design and the contribution of new technologies.

Microlearning Course Two: Networking and Partnership Building

In the 2nd microlearning course “Networking and Partnership Building” you will learn how to establish relations where there are none, recreate broken ones, and build partnerships that are based on equality, equity and solidarity. We’ll explain the challenges associated with building inclusive social networks; you will learn about the reach and potential of the variety of your roles, as well as how to use them to be most successful in innovating one community. Offered case studies will provide you with the taste of challenges that might await you as well as some of the practical tools to use.

Microlearning Course 3: Budgeting and Fundraising

In the 3th microlearning course“Budgeting and Fundraising” you will learn some basic concepts and tools to manage the economic and financial side of a project and how to create a budget from scratch. We’ll explain how to develop a suitable strategy to find funds to realise a project; you will learn about the world of “donors” and different types of donations and how to get in touch with them. Through examples and cases tudies you will get practical tools to use in your work.

Microlearning Course 4: Entrepreneurship and Career Building

The fourth course explores the possibilities you could consider for identifying your career path as an artist/creative. You will also learn how to turn your idea into a creative enterprise that can bring added value to your community as well as the basics of entrepreneurship with a strong focus on social and arts entrepreneurship. Also, you will learn how to identify and evaluate a business idea, how to do market research and create and use the business model canvas, understand what marketing, brand and branding are, how to fund and sustain your business whilst having a social impact.

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