Network For Community Innovation

ART IS US NETWORK FOR COMMUNITY INNOVATION is a list of members with the goal of creating strong links with advocates of the benefits of community development through the arts. Embracing the essence of the ‘Art is Us’ project, this network cultivates an environment where art is a catalyst for social transformation and personal exploration. The project partners are committed to championing this network, thereby fostering a self-sustaining network of national coordinators. You can engage with the network via the Art is Us Platform or through our partner websites, and you can stay updated on our progress and activities through our active social media presence.

We invite you to become part of the ART IS US COMMUNITY Facebook group, a dynamic platform designed to foster professional connections around the theme of social innovation through art and creativity. This is a space where ideas intersect, inspiring dialogue and collaboration. Additionally, for further information and inquiries, consortium members can directly reach out to other members using the provided contact details. Join us as we innovate, create, and transform our social landscapes through the power of art.

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Marta Malsegna

Marta Malsegna has a bachelor’s degree in interior design and a master’s degree focused on sustainable innovation in design, project impact assessment, and art as a communication language. Currently residing in Rome, her goal is to promote community-based art that fosters immersive interaction and brings people closer to nature for the sake of regaining lost harmony.

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Raffaella Vollaro

Raffaella Vollaro graduated in international economics and currently works as a labor consultant. She is attending the Master’s program in Planning and Access to European Funds for Culture, Creativity, and Multimedia.

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Mara Calcagni

Mara Calcagni graduated in economics in 2002 and has started a PhD in PVS politics and economics. In 2005, her experience with research theater began, thanks to the guidance of the masters at Odin Teatret. In 2008, she began researching the Italian repertoire of oral traditional songs. Meanwhile, she has conducted several theater and choral singing workshops for people of all age groups, ranging from six-month-old children to 90-year-olds.

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Gianni Bona

Gianni Bona has 30 years of experience as a project manager in the industrial plant sector. He is currently serving as the president of the district committee in his locality. He is actively involved in developing a project to enhance a local artistic experience and has been preparing two cultural tourism projects focused on the lives and works of two painters from the mid-19th century.

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Tania Troiani

Tania Troiani she has a degree in Occupational Therapy, works in a patronage and trade union and is very involved in local social association’s projects.

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Ermes Angelozzi

Ermes Angelozzi The Italian participant, Ermes Angelozzi, lives in Denmark and has studied as an Educator of Alternative Pedagogy.

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Patrizia di Nella

Patrizia Di Nella is a multifaceted individual with a deep interest in society. Patrizia Di Nella’s show, “Dolus,” which depicted the stories of people during the pandemic, was presented at an organized gathering.

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Chiara Ballone

Chiara Ballone is a Psychologist and, at the same time poet, writer, performer, dancer, and event organiser. She also combines, both in her work and in her personal artistic research, the expressive aspect of art with the therapeutic aspect through art therapy in various forms: from phototherapy to music therapy, psycho-poetry, and emotional writing, paths that she has devised and developed in various Associations and for various organisations over the years.

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Fabio Angelozzi

Fabio Angelozzi is studying in Denmark at DNS College as a pedagogue. Despite being young, he has accumulated numerous artistic experiences, including concerts, theater performances, and street actions. He has also formed a group with other students from his school, who collectively refer to themselves as “The Weird Ones.

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Francesco D’Alessandro

Francesco D’Alessandro is a professional educator and pedagogue. He has designed and constructed an accessible kitchen that accommodates his wheelchair.In this kitchen, he creates video recipes that are subsequently published on the web through his culinary blog called “Fatto e Mangiato.” This blog enables friends, disadvantaged children, blind individuals, and others to engage in cooking. Additionally, Francesco is the founder of the “Asini Volanti” association, which strives to dismantle architectural and social barriers.

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Flavio Mandolini

Flavio Mandolini graduated in education, he has gained experience in two main fields of education and cultural promotion of autonomy paths for people with disabilities and the field of promoting reading aloud, having collaborated with a Library in planning reading promotion events, and having been a volunteer/reader for many years. He has experience in designing activities for groups in the Erasmus plus field.

Paolo Di Nicola

Paolo Di Nicola: master’s degree in modern Humanities from the University of Siena. During his studies, he became strongly interested in educational research and was able to do his thesis with the help of Professor Federico Batini of the University of Perugia. In particular, he is interested in the study of reading and reading aloud, and two scientific articles with the results of his research are currently being published.

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Stamatis Kiriakos

Stamatis Kiriakos, a social worker by profession, is also a passionate artist who enjoys painting and participating in self-organized theater workshops. He is a compassionate person who is always willing to lend a helping hand to others, both through his professional work and volunteer work with NGOs that support vulnerable communities. Additionally, he works with the elderly population and is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those around him.

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Camilo Acosta Mendoza

Camilo Acosta Mendoza was born in Colombia and discovered clown art in 2007. Even if the had a stable career as an engineer, he decided to perform and research clowning on the streets of Bogota. In 2012, he travelled to France to further his experience in this discipline. From 2013 to 2015, he completed an 18-month training program in public art creation. Since then, he has been experimenting with the energy that clowning provides and using performative arts to participate in the pre-creation and re-evolution of humanity. For the past 10 years, Camilo has been residing in Slovenia and uses his clowning skills for community engagement, street performances, and as a tool for intercultural dialogue.

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Eleni Perrou

Eleni Perrou is a public-school teacher and has been working for years with the Roma community, having a great experience with children. In the context of the Art is Us project, she presents photos from the camps where the people reside, portraying their daily routine.

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Kiki Linardou

Kiki Linardou is a young unemployed artist. She likes to paint various landscapes of Greece. She has been painting from a very young age. Her goal is to deal with painting on a more professional level and why not, one day to hold her own art exhibition.

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Constantino Ramon Papachatzis Pena

Ramon is half Greek, half Mexican and has studied Spanish language at the University of Athens. He has a master at intercultural education and he has worked with the Roma community and refugees. He is also a Latin dance instructor, an actor and a stand up comedian.

Ana Pireva

Ana Pireva is fascinated by materials that have their own character and power and aren’t easy to control. The main focus of her artistic work is painting on paper and stone printing. She paints with Indian ink, self-made iron gall ink, and watercolours. At the same time, she is experimenting intensively with lithography. Each picture is an intense and dynamic interaction with water, ink, and paper or stone. Chinese calligraphy and ink painting play an important role in her work process, as they are both highly valued traditions in the visual arts. She investigates the nature and the function of daily objects, old artifacts, and folklore

Sofia Petsa Poutouri

Sofia Petsa Poutouri has been working with ceramics and visual arts for the past few years. Previously, she studied Medicine and served as a surgeon for six years at one of the largest hospitals in Athens, during a particularly tumultuous period marked not only by the pandemic but also by the deliberate and continuous degradation of the public health system.

2023 Studio Intro Anim.70


Born under the auspices of Borea, the Greek god of the north wind, Boras’ spirit was destined to cross borders and expand horizons. Raised on scientific treatises and engineering manuals, his precocious intellect insatiably absorbed knowledge. Though self-taught, his self-taught odyssey charted a path across disciplines, from tinkering with Tesla coils to strumming improvised symphonies.
Boras’ limitless creativity first took shape through pencil and paint as he filled sketchbooks with fantastical visions of retrofuturist realms. Seeking to bring these phantasmagorical worlds to life, he experimented with 360-degree panoramic art and interactive artworks using innovative and cutting-edge techniques. Some of these pioneering digital experiments transmitted his vision to televisions around the world, although their full potential remained limited by the limitations of the primitive technology of the time.

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Olga Senatorova

Olga Senatorova, an innovative artist and creator from Kazakhstan, moved her artistic practice to Slovenia. With her relocation, she brings an exciting vision of fostering cultural dialogue and sharing knowledge through her distinctive artistry. Beyond creating cultural bridges, Olga’s art also embodies a strong commitment to recycling and ecology. She breathes new life into discarded materials, ingeniously repurposing them into novel creations. A prime example of this sustainable approach is her Art is Us project to construct a traditional Kazakh living space completely from reused materials. A key project within the Art is Us initiative showcases her unique approach. Olga implemented a project that interweaves Slovenian and Kazakh cultures, using her art to transport elements of Kazakh nomadic lifestyle to her new Slovenian environment. Here is a video showcasing the results: ;

Moho Factory is a laboratory for creative research, writing and performative archiving. We work with the memory of individuals and relate it to that of the communities created by working with us, so as to resignify the perceived reality at that moment, building a new collective narrative. We conduct workshops and create site-specific projects based on extemporaneity through the method of performance writing.

The Italian cultural association Groucho Teatro, Centro di Ricerca Teatrale was founded by Mara Calcagni and Raffaele Schettino in early 2006 in southern Italy. The current operational headquarters is in Rome. The association was founded with the aim of promoting and producing culture, with special attention to theatrical craftsmanship. Since its foundation, the association has been involved in producing performances, working in training with intensive seminars and workshops, presenting institutional projects and organizing events.

Asini Volanti Italian social promotion association to promote social inclusion and breaking down doi cultural and arvchitectural barriers.

Museo Della Lettera D’amore The Love Letter Museum a unique museum in the world, is housed in the historic 18th-century palace of Marquis Valignani in Torrevecchia Teatina, a town in the heart of Abruzzo, located at the center of a triangle whose vertices are Chieti, Pescara, and Francavilla Al Mare. It was inaugurated on August 9, 2012. It collects the approximately ten thousand letters entered in the still active competition of the same name, established in 2000. In addition, there have been donations of considerable historical and cultural interest.
The Museum aims to save a testimony such as the love letter, to awaken interest in the shared good.

Il Deposito Dei Segni is concerned with social solidarity and aims to spread culture and art in the forms of dramatic, visual, plastic, multimedia arts, social theater; works for the construction of peace and its fundamental assumptions such as: the protection of human rights, democratic freedoms, human solidarity, nonviolence and the promotion of popular defense. Activities are aimed at childhood, minors, youth, adults, women, the elderly, the disadvantaged, immigrant communities, language minorities; it is active in the Abruzzo Region, Italy and abroad.

The Terra Vera Society for Sustainable Development is dedicated to fostering connection, solidarity, environmental stewardship, and ethical economies. They hold a special focus on social inclusion, notably advocating for vulnerable groups like migrants and refugees. The NGO is committed to preserving cultural and natural heritage while introducing creative, cooperative methods to enhance quality of life locally.
In the context of social inclusion, Terra Vera actively works with vulnerable communities, including cultural and ethnic minorities, migrants, and refugees. They use innovative programs, promoting self-sufficiency and organic food production, to engage these communities and foster inclusion.

Alkatraz gallery, situated in autonomus cultural center Metelkova mesto, started out as a project iniciated by young students of academy of arts in year 1996. By transforming and revitalizing the building Hlev into a gallery space they presented an idea of artists run places.

The Rog Centre, a public institute established by the City of Ljubljana in May 2021, will be a universally accessible creative hub with programmes seeking to transcend the split between high and popular culture.

Netzwerk Kultur Dresden is a free association of Dresden’s independent scene. Actors include institutions funded by the Dresden Cultural Bureau, recipients of municipal project funding, freelance artists and networks in the field of culture. Members at a glance

Kulturbüro Dresden is an association of currently 61 associations active in the fields of culture and youth work. If needed, our members receive intensive support and advice, for example on questions about concept development, project management or funding.

Hanse 3 is located behind the Dresden-Neustadt train station at Hansastraße 3, on the site of the old Leipzig train station, whose history dates back to the early days of the railroad. In addition to some former station buildings, which also include Hanse 3, there is a large brownfield site, the development of which has been debated in Dresden for many years. Since 2014, Hanse 3 has been used as a studio and rehearsal hall by 35 artists, actors and musicians who have joined forces in the Hanse 3 eV. A gallery and event hall are used for exhibitions and performances.

Il Kukulida è un luogo con strutture di base (1) – ciò significa che le decisioni vengono prese il più congiuntamente possibile e non dovrebbero esserci gerarchie tra le persone. Lavoriamo tutti volontariamente nel Kukulida e vorremmo creare uno spazio invitante che possa essere sia un luogo di networking tra operatori culturali sia uno spazio sperimentale sicuro per eventi.

Sukuma projects are based on the goals and concepts of education for sustainable development (ESD) and global learning.Education for sustainable development is an understanding of education that focuses on the acquisition of competence to act (“structuring competence”), which is learned in fields that-such as sustainable consumption in particular-have critical potential for the future.
36 Biblioteca BONINCONTRO: A space to read, study, work on PCs, meet and plan community activities. Run by young people for young people and citizens of all ages to promote free access to culture.

FATTI DI TEATRO arts and theater site that started in 2008 as a Facebook group (over 12,000 members, the largest online theater community) and over time has become a cross-media brand on and off the web. Among fattiditeatro’s activities are training and social media storytelling workshops and social media partnerships.

The association Y.S.T (Youth Solidarity Travellers) APS was born in Bologna on June 9, 2021 from the idea of its founding member Dario Benegiamo and from what were some of his previous experiences in European youth mobility.

Athens School of Fine ArtS :The history of ASFA, which was founded in 1836, virtually coincides with the history of the modern Greek state. Throughout its long history, legendary and leading Greek artists representing many tendencies of fine arts, left their mark as members of the School’s teaching staff, thereby building the prestigious name of ASFA.

HELLERAU acts as an interdisciplinary co-production and guest performance house and offers contemporary arts dance, music, theatre, performance, media art and visual arts spaces for production and presentation. HELLERAU is a stage by the state capital Dresden and a member of The Alliance of International Production Houses.

Germany – Zentralwerk e.V. is a culture and arts association that unites a heterogeneous group of creative artists such as painters, visual artists, photographers, filmmakers and adult educators working in these fields of art education. Since 2012, Zentralwerk e.V. also offers a variety of cultural and art events in the premises of a former factory site based in Dresden.

Motorenhalle, the ‘engine shed,’ is a 600 square-meter art space that shows local artistic talent in an effort to revamp Dresden’s cultural significance. In this space, home to Riesa Efau and a part of the city’s Cultural Forum Initiative, the emphasis is not only upon the experience of artwork, but also on education.

Germany – Hechtviertel e.V. is a civic non-profit organisation that aims to bring the citizens of a Dresden’s quarter called “Hechtviertel” together to assume open, transparent and shared responsibility for their neighbourhood

The Associazione Culturale Ecomuseo Casilino Ad Duas is a museum that operates beyond the standard walls of a museum. The Associazione Culturale Ecomuseo Casilino Ad Duas Lauros is committed to collect cultural resources, based on what local communities consider as such. Besides all the historical, archaeological and artistic heritage, the association also explores objects of cultural value that local residents consider vital for the community.

The Greek Forum of Migrants (GFM) is a network of migrant organizations and communities in Greece. It was founded in September 2002, it functions as a union – body, and its members today numbers around 40 Communities – Organizations.The promotion of migrant’s integration by enhancing their individual and collective responsibility and participation, through collaboration with institutions, NGOs and society -on a national and european level.

The Greek Forum of Refugees is a non-profit association consisting of refugee and migrant communities, individuals and professionals working all together to support and empower asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and stateless persons.

The African Union (AU) is a continental body consisting of the 55 member states that make up the countries of the African Continent. It was officially launched in 2002 as a successor to the Organisation of African Unity (OAU, 1963-1999).

The Melissa Network for migrant and refugee women in Greece promoting empowerment, communication and active citizenship.

Colour Youth NGO, which represents the LGBTQI community.
Colour Youth – Athens LGBTQ Youth Community is a an NGO that provides support and defends the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) young people in Athens, Greece. Colour Youth aims to raise social awareness regarding LGBTQ community claims, apply institutional pressure for the modernisation of legal frame regarding gender identity and sexual orientation and to create a powerful youth community, functioning as a shelter for every LGBTQ person.

Europeana is Europe’s digital platform. Its mission is to empower the cultural heritage sector in its digital transformation.

Performing Arts Employers Association League Europe PEARLE
(PEARLE is the voice of music, performing arts and live performance organisations.)

European Heritage Volunteers is an organisation active in heritage-related volunteering. Its main objective is to establish links between the fields of heritage and volunteering through practical hands-on projects and educational activities

Culture Action Europe is an organisation that promotes culture and disseminates information on European policies and legislation that have an impact on the cultural development of European societies. It is also a platform to exchange, convey and publish ideas and debates on European policies.